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I write a lot about the Divine Feminine. The definition varies person to person, and culture to culture. Some think of it as leaning into a woman’s sexuality. Others, a womens only temple with priestesses and specific ceremonies. Some delve into astrology and wiccan studies, while there are cultures that have a separate (and sometimes several) female deities that are worshipped or revered.

While we, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, believe in a Mother in Heaven who is a partner with a Father in Heaven, the Divine Feminine I’m writing about tonight is more about that aspect inherent within all women.

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Not long ago I was a guest on a Wisdom talk. We discussed leaning into our divine purpose and mission on earth. That got me thinking and I asked a similar question in my Divine Feminine facebook group:

How are you leaning into your Divine Feminine? What about your femininity in general?

As I was, several people were surprised by the question as it was not a simple answer as originally thought. Cultures and even the very definition of “woman” has changed over the generations. What was considered “feminine” in my youth may still hold sway in general today, but overall, leaning into my divine feminine has deepened my study, shifted my view of God, and even how I view myself. I have been able to redefine myself and my mission.


Scratch that.

Not redefined exactly . . . more like . . . deepened that mission. Enlarged it.

This is not surface kind of stuff here.

I am writing a book about our Mother in Heaven, using studies from biblical scholars like Margaret Barker who is adamant (and has book after book about the ancient temple and evidence of the Queen of Heaven) about an ancient belief in Her and her own ideas about who our Mother in Heaven is.

My beliefs are simple. I believe in Heavenly parents who created and adore every single living soul, past and present — no matter the belief system, culture, gender, or race. I believe in three separate beings: Jesus Christ, Heavenly Mother, and Heavenly Father.

I write all of this merely to share where my journey with the Divine Feminine began: with Jesus Christ. If He is the sum of His Heavenly Father, His Heavenly Mother, (and as well as that beautiful and faithful earthly mother Mary) I look at His whole to find which parts are more divinely feminine than masculine.

An interesting study in our day and age for sure . . .

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A big part of the divine feminine is the gift of healing. I’m not just referring to healing of the body as a doctor or nurse would engage in, but of the mind, the soul, the spirit, the intellect. I have witnessed and participated in healing experiences that have me convinced that it is a divine gift that (I believe) all women have. The modality and depth vary woman to woman, but anyone leaning into their divine feminine will discover that this is from Heaven, and the more we lean into our Divine Feminine, the greater this gift will expand.

What have you witnessed in terms of feminine healing in your life? Maybe in the life of someone you love?

Have a Divine day!

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Writer of snarky mysteries and female empowerment for women of faith. Hippy conservative. Global Citizen. Wrangler of chickens.

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Ramona Siddoway

Ramona Siddoway

Writer of snarky mysteries and female empowerment for women of faith. Hippy conservative. Global Citizen. Wrangler of chickens.

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